I haven’t posted anything in a minute.  But I couldn’t let this pass unacknowledged.  One of my favorites of all time breaking down the process of writing raps from the heart.  Honestly so inspired right now I have to go write some new songs.  


  2. Adults who use baby voices? Rafa says “No.” #justthetip @rafaelcasal

  3. Just The Tip: Her male “Friends” (@rafaelcasal)

    The JUST THE TIP series has returned! Promise, I am going to be doing these more often. Does your partner have a lot of friends of the oposite sex? (heteronormative question I know, please tailor to your particular situation) Do you think their friends are actually just trying to fuck them? Yeah…me too.

    Got a topic you want me to cover? Leave it in the youtube comments and I’ll get right to it. (ya know…if its funny…)


    - Rafael

  4. This is why Morgan Freeman should be a science teacher.

    Learning about the animal kingdom has never been this funny. Let’s take 50% percent information, 50% percent light-hearted humor, a dash of Morgan Freeman narration,  mix them together over some classic Nature Channel footage, cook for 3 minutes, and there you have it: laughter and learning, food for thought. Dig in.

    * Spolier alert* It’s not really Morgan Freeman, but who cares? Find more TRUE FACTS nature videos on Zefrank1's youtube channel.

  5. Did your friend just say something racist? Here’s what to do.

    Ok - so your having a conversation, and someone says something racist. What do you do? The ill Doc breaks down how to confront a racist comment in a way that gives the person an opportunity to change, instead of getting defensive. 

    (0:32) The conversation you want to have VS the conversation NOT to have.

    (1:24) Why waving the “you’re a racist! flag is counter-productive.

    (2:31) He gives us the best analogy to understand the difference between the wrong approach and the right approach.

    - Rafael

  6. Next time a Bee bothers your picnic, be polite and thank it for helping cure THIS desease.

    As if I didn’t already appreciate the Bee enough for sweetening my tea and covering my waffles, now they go and outdo themselves once again. Curing HIV? You shouldn’t have! 

    Bee venom is proving to destroy the HIV virus, and may be turned into both a preventative gel, and help cure those who already have it. Is this real life? We hope so. 



  7. If I was a young kid being bullied about my sexuality, this would be my comeback.

    Steve Hughes shows us that homophobia is so arbitrary that it can be turned around to attack the homophobic who spewed it in an instant. Next time they’ll think twice before going all hyper-masculine out of fear. #walkedRIGHTintoTHATone

    - Rafael


    I don’t follow break dance, but this little girl is amazing.  Great technique, and sooo much swag.



  9. #YoungGenius // NYU Grad Student @joshbegley tweets history of Drone Strikes from @dronestream and winds up on NBC


    If Drone warfare has become a topic of conversation in your circle, you can credit some of the topic’s popularity to NYU graduate student and one-man thinktank Josh Begley. Last year, Begley decided to tweet the history of all US drone strikes, which he estimated would take approx. 10 minutes. While his skills in estimation may be lacking, his statement about drone strikes continues to echo every day - Josh Begley is still tweeting the history of drone strikes, which continue to pile at an alarming rate. Perhaps the larger statement begley has made is about all of our poor estimation skills, with little media attention paid to this issue until recently. Until press about Begley entered my facebook and twitter feeds, I had hardly pondered both the enormity and significance of drone warfare and it’s lasting impact on how we settle disputes as a species. The battlefield is becoming more and more like Grand Theft Auto every day, and violence is gaining a similarly casual place in real international conflict. There is no blood on the keyboard or the controller, just a new method of separation - the common thread of apathy running through the most heinous crimes against humanity in our history. Meet Drone planes, the new thread.

    Our government is particularly good at creating separations like this. Words like terrorist, communist, illegal alien, etc. give the population a chance to feel separate from those we make decisions about. In reading the @dronestream twitter feed, Begley is careful to refer to victims as “person” or “children” instead of alternative apathetic labels. We are assuming a great deal about what is happening overseas, so that we don’t have the burden of responsibility - Begley is attempting to change that.

    Don’t worry, his feed is still easy to ignore. The articles are still just as simple to skip over if you don’t feel like caring. But if you are curious about Drone planes and the growing negative impact they are having around the world, click over to his feed and read. I promise, it is worse than you think. S/O to Josh Begley for all that he does.

    Check the story above from NBC featuring an Interview with Begley, follow his twitter feed @dronestream, and feel free to tweet APPLE about WHY they are blocking an APP that simply wants to provide us with already public information. 



    Yesterday, a project that I have been a part of for almost 2 years now finally saw the light of day.  Clipping in myself, William Hutson, and Jonathan Snipes making rap music in the way that best suits our taste.  The response has been awesome thus far, even garnering some early international attention with great write ups in UK blog 405, and Italian Web mag Bassifondi

    Above is the first video for the project, directed by Lawrence Klein and premiered by Noisey/Vice mag.  Watch with care, it gets pretty disturbing, even for me (and i was in it). 

    Anyway, I’m crazy excited about this project.  Stream it here or download free from our bandcamp.